Privacy Policy for sign/translate

This policy is work in progress, and will be updated periodically to reflect changes in our practices or regulatory requirements. Users are encouraged to review it regularly.

Our Commitment to Privacy

At, privacy is a top priority. We are dedicated to processing data locally whenever possible, minimizing the need to send information over the internet. However, in some instances, online processing is necessary to provide the best experience.

Data Collection and Usage

HTTP Requests and Logging

  • Every HTTP request made to our backend is recorded, along with diagnostic details, the request URL, and the body of the request.
  • This data is stored in Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Logs.
  • Currently, we primarily log requests from the spoken-to-signed translation feature, including user inputs for translation and selected languages.

Text Normalization and Vocalization

  • For text normalization and vocalization services, we utilize ChatGPT by OpenAI.
  • Textual inputs are sent to OpenAI for processing. For more details on how OpenAI handles data, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

General User Metadata

  • We collect general user metadata like language preference, device type, and IP address.
  • This information is logged by Google Analytics and is used for aggregated analytics purposes.